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Provident Fund Registration

Employees Provident Fund (EPF) Registration In India

The Employees Provident Fund is one of the most important platforms of savings for all those people working in the public or private sector in India. It is a statutory body formed by the employee’s provident fund and miscellaneous provisions act, 1952, under the administrative control of the Ministry of Labour, Government of India. EPF scheme is applicable to all salaried employees. The Provident fund Scheme offers retirement benefits to the employees. The Employees Provident Fund Registration is mandatory for all those organizations or companies who have 20 or more than 20 employees, including temporary or permanent employees. In case the number of employees in an organization is less than 20, they can voluntarily register for the Employee provident fund at the regional provident fund office, whereas the Companies having more than 20 employees need to register themselves with EPFO ( within 1 month. If delayed, it will lead to fines, penalties etc. Less than 20 employees also include contractual employees such as security, housekeeping and other contractual workers of the business. All those co-operative societies whose employee strength is 50 or more also need to register themselves for the employee provident fund (EPF). The registered organizations come under the rules and regulations of the act, and these rules and regulations are still applicable when their employee strength becomes less than the minimum number of employees. Employers need to register themselves for the Provident fund either online or offline. It is best for the employer to register via online mode. The employer can download the registration form from the official portal of the Employees Provident Fund Organization, i.e. (

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Provident Fund Registration

Important Information For Employees Provident Fund

For successful registration of the Employees Provident Fund Organization, the employer needs to provide
the following information -

Name and address of the company

Information of the branch and the head office

Incorporation or registration date of the company

Employee basic details like name, joining date, salary etc.

Total employee strength of the company

Type of activities the enterprise or business engaged in, i.e. service, production, manufacturing etc.

Information regarding the legal status of the company. For example – Whether it is a society, partnership
firm, a public or private company.

Owner's information, including the address as well as partners & directors information.

Information regarding employee’s wages. For example, the total salary paid to the employee per month.
Bank details of the company PAN Details

A form named “Performa for Coverage” is required to be filled. This form contains the information
mentioned above to complete the registration process.

To finish all the formalities, the employers require to submit form 5A with Annexure 1

Certificate of shop and establishment/GST Certificate/any other government-issued license for the

 Entity's Cancelled Cheque or Bank Statement.
 The Proprietor's/Partner's/Director's digital signature.
 Hired/Rented/Leased Agreement if any.
 License Proof issued by the Identifier/Licensing Authority.

Eligibility For EPF Registration

An organization needs to fulfil the below-mentioned criteria in order to get eligible for PF registration –
1 Any establishment (factory or organization) with 20 or more employees.
Any establishment with less than 20 workers has been notified of compulsory registration for not less
than 2 months.
If the employer & employees of the same organization mutually agreed to apply for PF and notice has
been sent to the central PF commissioner from the date of the agreement.
4 An organization can also apply for voluntary PF registration in case the employees are less than 20.
Every employee has a right to avail PF facility provided by the government. PF contribution &
deduction is the employers responsibility

Steps For EPF Registration For Employers

TOn the homepage of the website, click the "ESTABLISHMENT REGISTRATION" button.
The “ESTABLISHMENT REGISTRATION” button on the EPFO website's homepage will take you to the USSP
registration page. Employers must register with the EPFO's USSP (Unied Shram Suvidha Portal). To
create an account, the employer must click the "SIGN UP" button and enter their Name, Email, Mobile
Number, and Verication Code.
Employers must connect to the USSP and click on the "Registration for EPFO-ESIC" button on the lefthand side of the screen. Then, on the right side of the screen, click the "Apply for New Registration"
After clicking the "Submit" button, the "Registration Form for EPFO" page will open, prompting the
employer to complete the Establishment Details, eContacts, Contact Persons, Identiers, Employment
Details, Branch/Division, and Activities sections.
After completing all sections of the "Registration Form for EPFO" and attaching all required documents,
the employer's Digital Signature Certicate (DSC) must be uploaded and attached to the form. Once the
employer's DSC is submitted, the employer will receive a message indicating that the registration form
was successfully completed, as well as an email from Unied Shram Suvidha Platform conrming that the
EPFO registration has been completed.

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