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ESI Return Filing

What Is Employee's State Insurance (ESI)?

ESI stands for Employee state insurance. Employee state insurance is a self-financing social security & health insurance scheme offering medical & disablement benefits to Indian workers. It is governed by ESI act, 1948. It is an autonomous body whose funds are managed by employee state insurance ministry of labour & employment. It offers tremendous benefits to employees. Its main aim is to provide
medical & cash benefits to employees and their families through their large network of offices, dispensaries
& hospitals throughout India. All entities registered under ESI act must file ESI returns. As per ESI act, any employee earning Rs.15000 or less per month must contribute 1.75% to the ESI fund whereas employer must contribute 4.75% towards ESI fund.

What Is Included In Our Package?

Eligibility Consultation
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ESI Return Filing

Documents To Maintained Regularly For ESI Return Filing

1 Register for Form 5
2 Register for wages
3 Attendance register
4 Register for any accidents occur within the office premises.
5 Monthly challans & returns submitted for ESI

Benefits Of Employee State Insurance Corporation (ESIC)

 Medical treatment for employees and their dependent family members.
 Unemployment cash benefits
 Maternity leave for women employees
 Sickness benefits for certain diseases
 Enhanced sickness
 Rehabilitation allowance

How To File Employee State Insurance (ESI) Returns In India?

1 File Employee State Insurance (ESI) Returns Through Challan
2 File Employee State Insurance (ESI) Returns Through Website

Every ESI registered company has to file ESI returns half-yearly. They have to mention all the changes made
in the preceding year. ESI contribution should be submitted every half-yearly between 1st April to 30th
September and from 1st October to 31st march to the nearest branch office or ESIC regional commissioner
attaching form no.5 with ESI challan. It should be filed within 42 days from the last date being 12th
November for period April to September & 12th May for October to march.

How To File Employee State Insurance (ESI) Returns Through Website

These steps should be followed while filing ESI returns through website –

How To File Employee State Insurance (ESI)

Returns Through Website

In the first step, Go to ESI website – ( and use your 17 digit
registration number as user-id and password (given by ESIC) and login the account.

After logging in, go to monthly contribution section on the home page and select “view RC”.
When you select “view RC”, details of the employer contribution towards ESI as well as the wages
details will be displayed on the screen

In the fourth step, you have to verify all the details. While verifying the details, if you noticed that you
have done a short payment for any employee. Then, you have to generate supplementary challans by
clicking on “Modify challan “option given under section of monthly contribution to make the due

In the last step, kindly do self-certification given under “monthly contribution” section. Click on
declaration check box and submit the return. In case you are employing 40 or more employees,
kindly upload CA certificate before clicking the submit button.

Penalties For Not Filing ESI Returns

Any violation of the provision of the act will leads to imprisonment up to 2 years & fine up to

Continuous violation of the act will leads to imprisonment up to 5 years & fine up to Rs.25000.

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