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Add Partner In LLP

Add Partners Or Designated Partners To LLP

LLP is run by its partners. LLP is a type of business entity that offers advantages of both company and a
partnership firm. In the case of LLP, partner enjoys the benefit of limited liability and a separate legal entity.
There are many reasons to add a new partner in LLP such as death of the existing partner, partner fired from
the company due to negligence or misconduct in work etc. New partners leave the organization but it does not affect the status of LLP but it surely impacts the business as well as the responsibilities of other partners. The changes are made in the partners and their details after getting the approval from (MCA)

What Is Included In Our Package?

Eligibility Consultation
Document Preparation
Application Drafting
Government Fees

Add Partner In LLP

Documents Required For Adding A New Partner

1 Passport size photograph
2 PAN card copy
3 Residence proof (Aadhar card/ Voter-id card/ Driving license)
4 LLP agreement
5 Digital signature certificate of the adding partner
6 DIN number
7 Form 3
8 Form 4

Procedure For Adding Partner In LLP

The procedure for adding partner in LLP is as follows –

In the first step, the most important thing for any person proposing to become a partner in an LLP is
that he/she should have Director Identification number (DIN) and Digital signature certificate (DSC).
If not, he has to apply for the same first.

In the second step after getting DSC, proposed partner has to apply for DIN number in the form DIR3 along with the identity and address proof.

After DIN is allocated to the proposed partner, consent of all the existing partners of LLP will be
taken by holding a meeting and passing resolution to add a new partner in the partnership deed.

In the fourth step, a supplementary partnership deed will be drafted and the name of the new
partner is added.

In the fifth step, written consent of the incoming partner will be taken.

After preparing all these documents, form-4 of LLP will be filed within 30 days of the appointment.

After filing form-4, form-3 will be filed along with original partnership and supplementary
partnership deed within 30 days of appointment.

Finally, when all the forms filed become approved, the name of the proposed partner will be added
on the website of ministry of corporate affairs (MCA) (


If company is unable to file form-3 & form-4 within 30 days, company will be charged with additional fee of
Rs.100 per day.

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