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Add Director In Company

Appointment Of New Director In Company

Director is the most important person for a company as he/she manages the entire company’s operations.
He/she gives directions to the company to achieve the required goals, objectives etc. Appointment or adding of new director is done by the companies to take new talent on board or on resignation of the existing director. The addition or change in director of the company should be intimated to the ministry of corporate affairs (MCA) ( The change does not take any affect unless addition or change in director is made to MCA (Ministry of corporate affairs).

Addition or change in director must be made through consent of shareholders. Director’s change is required in the following cases mentioned below -

Hiring new talent on board – Hiring of new talent on board is needed for the growth of business,
to develop new strategies and alliances. There is a need of experts to lead the team in case new
product line or department is added.

Existing directors are not able to work for a long time – Due to retirement/death/other
personal reasons; the existing directors are not able to work for a long time. Therefore, in order to
make organization functions properly as per the limit specified for directors, company appoints a
new director.

Statutory limit on number of directors – The minimum number of directors required for a
private limited company is 2 & for public limited ( company is 3. If at any time during the company’s existence, the
number of directors reduces from the specified limit, the company has to mandatorily appoint a
new director within 6 months.

Assign operational responsibility without dilution ownership – Directors are responsible for
managing day to day operations. Appointment of new director is made through consent of
shareholders. Shareholders assign the operational responsibilities to directors by keeping strategic
control in their hands. The ownership and the voting rights of existing shareholders does not dilute
in case of appointment of a new director.

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Add Director In Company

Documents Required For Addition Of Director

The documents required for adding director in a public or a private limited company is as follows –

 Photographer of the director

 Self-attested PAN card copy

 Residence proof of director.

1 Passport
2 Voter ID
3 Aadhar card
4 Driving license (Any of the four)

 Copy of resolution

 Form – DIR-12, Form DIR-2, Form DIR-8 to ROC/MCA

 Form –MBP-1, MGT-14

 Digital signature certificate (DSC) & Director Identification number (DIN) of the new director.

Procedure Of Adding Directors

Firstly, Company should have a clause in Articles of association (AOA) in relation to appointment of
new director. If the company does not have such clause, it should be firstly inserted into AOA of the

The company must have a valid reason to appoint or add a new director to its board of directors.
A person should be 18 years or above to be appointed as a director in a public or private limited
company. He/she should be eligible as per the required qualification & capabilities. He/she should have valid DIN (Director Identification number) and DSC (Digital signature certificate). He/she should not be
convicted under any existing Indian laws.

Board meeting is organized to add or appoint a new director in a public or private limited company.
In this meeting, proper resolution is passed to appoint new director in the company by the consent
of shareholders. The same resolution must be passed in the annual extra ordinary general meeting
(AGM) of the company.

For adding new director to a company, a company has to mandatorily fill a copy of the resolution
along with form DIR – 12, Form DIR -2 & Form DIR – 8 within 30 days to registrar of companies
(ROC) ( or ministry of corporate affairs (MCA) from
the date of passing the resolution. A company has to submit form MBP -1 & Form MGT – 14 within
30 days of passing board resolution.

Finally, as per section 170 of the companies act, 2013, the company makes changes in the register
of directors to be maintained by the company after getting approval from ROC/MCA.

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