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Partnership Firm Compliances

An Overview To Partnership Firm Compliances

A Partnership firm needs to maintain compliances like LLP’s, public or private limited companies. Partnership
firm compliance mainly includes income tax return filing whereas LLP & company needs to submit both the
reports to the income tax department and annual filing to the ministry of corporate affairs. Partnership firms need to complete tax audit if the annual turnover of partnership firm is above Rs.100 Lakhs.

What Is Included In Our Package?

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Partnership Firm Compliances

Basic Partnership Firm Compliances

In addition to complying with the basic compliances, partnership firm also needs to comply with income tax
regulations, TDS regulations, GST regulations, ESI regulations etc. The requirement of compliance varies
depending upon the type of entity, industry, state of incorporation, number of employees & sales turnover. It has very minimal statutory requirements in comparison to LLP, public or a private limited company
. In relation to taxation, partnership firm is taxed under the income tax slab for firms whereas partners of a partnership firm are taxed under the income tax slab for individuals. Partnership firm has to mandatorily fulfill its statutory compliance requirements even if it does not carry out business/service. The major compliances of a partnership firm are periodic and annual compliances. It is not necessary for a partnership firm to file audited financial statements every year. The main and the only annual compliance for a partnership firm is to file income tax return via form ITR-V

Documents Required For Annual Compliances For A Partnership Firm

 Invoices of purchase & sales during a financial year
 Invoices of expenses incurred during a financial year
 Bank statements for all bank accounts in the name of partners in a financial year.
 Credit card statement for expenses incurred by partners on behalf of a company (If any)
 Copy of TDS challans deposited (if any)
 Copy of GST returns filed (If any)
 Copy of TDS returns filed (if any)

Procedure For Annual Compliance Fulfillment

The procedure for annual compliance fulfillment is as follows –

1 Maintain proper books of accounts
2 Preparation and filing of balance sheet.
3 Get your accounts certified by CA in case your partnership firm turnover is above 100 Lakhs

Major Compliances For A Partnership Firm

Income tax filing – Every partnership firm has to mandatorily file income tax return to the income tax
department. They also need to complete tax audit if the annual turnover of the partnership firm is
above Rs.100 Lakhs.

GST filing – Partnership firms registered under GST has to mandatorily file GST returns on monthly,
quarterly & annual basis.

TDS filing – Partnership firms having TAN must file quarterly TDS returns
( as per TDS rules.

ESI Filing – All partnership firms registered under ESI act has to mandatorily file ESI returns. ESI
registration is required in case a partnership firm employs 10 or more employees

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