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PSARA Registration

PSARA Licence Overview:

PSARA Registration Under PSARA ACT 2005

Now days, private security agencies are increasing day by day due to increase in crime & terrorism. Any person who wants to start a security agency business in India needs to be licensed in India. Private security organizations are those organizations which are involved in providing security services to any business or industrial undertaking or company or any other person or property. Operations of these agencies are governed by “Private security agencies (Regulation) act, 2005”. An individual can also provide services outside India for which he has to take permission from controlling authority which in turn takes permission from central government. It also provides training to security guards. PSARA registration is mandatory for private security agencies. The main purpose of a private security agency is to protect individuals or businesses or properties against different type of crimes. PSARA license can be made for a district or up to five districts or a state. No person has a right to start a business of security agency or provide a security guard without getting registration under PSARA. According to PSARA, all private security agencies need to appoint supervisors to look after the work of security guards. A person from army, navy or air force having at least 3 years of experience has been given preference over others.
The security agencies should provide proper training to the supervisors and enhance their skills. PSARA also specifies the criteria for the qualification & disqualification of a security guard, his uniform and about his health. Before starting a private security agency, you have to apply for PSARA license.

You have to consider these factors before making a decision –

PSARA Licence Overview: PSARA Registration

Under PSARA ACT 2005

1 Scale
2 Finance
3 Liabilities
4 Control

PSARA Registration

Documents Required For PSARA License

1 Affidavit as per PSARA act.
2 Certificate of incorporation of the company or LLP
3 Ownership proof for principal place of business.
4 MOA, AOA of the company or partnership deed (Whatever the case may be)
5 List of directors, board resolution to commence the business of PSARA
6 Logo for the security agency
7 Identity card for all employees
8 Character certificate of all employees
9 Detailed armed licenses
10 Memorandum of undertaking from security training institute
11 Uniform pattern

Eligibility For Private Security Agency Regulation Act (PSARA) License

A person or a company cannot be convicted for any once in relation to promotion, formation or mgmt. of a

A person or a company cannot be convicted by a competent court for any oence for which there is a
punishment of imprisonment of more than 2 years.

A person or a company cannot have links with any organization or association which is banned due to the
activities considered as a threat to national security or public order.

A person cannot be dismissed or removed from govt. service due to misconduct.

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