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Excise Registration

Online Excise Tax Registration In India

The excise tax is an indirect tax levied at the time of manufacturing of a specific product. This tax is not directly paid by the consumer. The internal revenue services (IRS) charges this tax from the producer or the merchant at the time of manufacturing but producer include this tax in product price and pass the same to the consumer. Finally, Buyer pays the tax. It is considered as indirect tax as the producer of the goods who pays the tax to the government tries to recover their loss by passing it to the final buyer of goods. It is sometimes referred as tax but is specifically a duty. Technically, A Tax is levied on an individual whereas duty levied on particular goods. Excise tax is distinguished from a sales tax or VAT in the following ways –

Excise is typically a per unit tax charged on volume or unit of the item purchased whereas sales tax is a tax
paid on the sale of certain goods & services.

Excise tax applies to narrow range of products

Excise tax is typically higher from the sales tax or VAT.

Excise Registration

Features Of Excise Tax

It is levied on manufacturing or production of goods in India
It is payable at the time of selling of goods by the buyer of the product
The tax is levied on the dutiable value calculated by a particular method
The burden of this tax falls on the consumer
It is levied throughout India in the same form

Documents Required For Excise Tax Registration

Documents Required For Excise Registration In Case Of Director/Partner/Proprietor

Passport size photograph
PAN card copy
Copy of Aadhaar card or voter identity card Board resolution in favor of authorized signatory

Documents Required For Excise Registration In Case Of Entity
PAN card copy of a firm/company
Mobile/telephone/water/electricity bill of business place
Memorandum of association/Articles of association (In case of company)
Partnership deed copy (In case of partnership firm)
Ground plan of premises.

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