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Assessment of Income Tax Return

Income Tax Return Overview

Every tax payer has to disclose its income details to the income tax department. These details are furnished when you file your income return. The process of collection & reviewing the tax return information of an individual by the tax department is known as Income tax assessment. When you file your tax return, income tax authority processes the return of income & examines it for its correctness.

Various Forms Of Assessment Income Tax Return In India.

There are various forms of assessment and they are as follows -


Self-assessment is the process of ling tax return to the income tax department by accumulating the
income details and adjusting the tax amount by availing reliefs such as exemptions & deductions. Self assessment tax must be paid before ling of income tax return.


In summary assessment, the information submitted by an individual is cross-checked against the
information tax department has access to and the correctness of the return is veried by the tax
department. The return gets processed online & small adjustments such as arithmetical errors,
disallowances, incorrect claims are done automatically.


The assessment of income tax return is conducted by accessing ocer (AO) not below the rank of an
income tax officer authorized by the income tax department. The purpose of regular assessment is to
ensure that the individual has neither understated the income or overstated any expense or loss or
underpaid any tax. In this case, the intimation has been sent by the tax department to the tax payer
containing information whether he or she has to pay more tax, pay interest or refund is payable by the
tax department.


In this case, the assessing officer authorized by the income tax department arrives at a best and honest
decision without being partial to anyone as per income tax law.


This assessment is carried out when assessing officer catches the tax payer that he or she has evaded tax
and not paid the full amount to the income tax department.

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Assessment of Income Tax Return

Assessment Income Tax Return Services

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