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Internal Audit

What Is Internal Audit?

Internal audit is an audit conducted by the internal auditors of the company or outsourced to some
other company to examine that they are following the specified rules & regulations. Internal auditors
are generally appointed by the management and they submit their audit reports to the company itself.
Internal audit is done to review the effectiveness of risk management, control & governance processes.
It is mainly done to analyze the organization business processes. Internal audit plays an important role
in improving the organization. It is also done to prevent the businesses from fraud and for the
continuous smooth functioning of the organization. It is a need of management but it is not a legal

SS Auditors helps by giving the internal audit service to various businesses and complete it in duration of
few days. Our internal audit team works closely with the internal audit directors and audit committee to
provide them quality internal audit service. They also help you in identifying new business opportunities
and enhance your organizational value.

What Is Included In Our Package?

Eligibility Consultation
Document Preparation
Application Drafting
Government Fees

Internal Audit

Internal Audit Service

1 Internal audit consulting
2 Outsourcing, Co-sourcing internal audit service

Benefits Of Internal Audit Services

1. More than 10 years of experience
2. Qualified professionals
3. Excellent customer service
4. Cost efficient
5. Customer delight
6. Time saving
7. Quick turnaround time
8. Continuous support over e-mail and phone (24X7).

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