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RWA Registration

Residential welfare association (RWA) refers to the group of office bearers which represents the interest
of the individuals living in a particular housing society. In RWA, the group of office bearers are given
number of challenging duties, powers & responsibilities. The main members of committee include
president, vice-president, secretary, joint secretary, treasurer and the financial advisor.

These positions are gained after passing the RWA registration process.

The process of RWA is same as society registration as society and RWA both falls under the group housing societies.

1 It is mandatory for every housing society to have a residential welfare association (RWA).
2 After registration, the housing society is further legitimized.
3 Some perks are also associated with it that affects all the society residents.
RWA contains some rules & regulations in relation to social amenities that every society residents
has to comply with.

What Is Included In Our Package?

Eligibility Consultation
Document Preparation
Application Drafting
Government Fees

RWA Registration

Documents Required For Rwa Registration

The documents needed for RWA registration are as follows –

1 Xerox copy of rules & regulations
2 Xerox copy of Memorandum of association
3 Name of the society
4 Affidavit number 1 belongs to the ownership & NOC for the registered office in the society.
5 Affidavit 2 belongs to hopeful persons that are not related to each other.
6 Identify proof of all hopeful persons
7 Residential proof of all hopeful persons
8 Proof of ownership of the registered office of the society
9 ID proof of the owner of the registered office
10 Duly filled application form of the RWA registration.

Resident Welfare Association (RWA) Registration Procedure

RWA registration procedure is lengthy and complex. Every society applying for RWA registration needs to fill many forms as well as documents to get approval from registrar of societies.

The registration procedure of RWA is as follows –

In the first step, applicants need to fill number of forms and submit the required documents in order to
get nominated for the post.

After getting nominated in the crew, applicant needs to fill the RWA registration form & submit it to the
registrar for further proceedings.

In the third step, the registrar will evaluate the information submitted by the applicant and check the
authenticity of the documents. All applicants should provide valid information in the application form
and also submit the legal, attested documents to the society registrar. In this stage, all applicants get
scrutinized on the basis of their ability and chosen to hold RWA positions.

After evaluating the application form, documents and candidates on the basis of their ability, the society
registrar selects the capable applicants to hold prestigious RWA positions. In case if any information is
found misleading or any forged document is found during the process of RWA registration, strict
penalties will be imposed on that person and his or her application will get rejected.

If all goes well, the selected applicants will undertake their positions and start performing their duties &

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