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UL Certification

What Is UL Certification?

UL stands for underwriter’s laboratories. Underwriter’s laboratory is an independent organization which
provides product safety certification by testing products and writes standards for safety too. This
organization is in operations from more than 100 years and evaluated products, components, materials and systems annually. Every year billions of UL marks appear on thousands of manufacturer’s products.
Now days, safety is the primary concern for every buyer purchasing the product. No person wants to
buy a malfunctioned or a harmful product. Therefore, various organizations are created in order to
check the safety of the products.

UL is also one of the independent testing organizations which provide product safety certification as well
as their environmental claims. The work of UL is to verify that whether a manufacturer is making
products that are compliant with UL standards or requirements. UL does not test each product of the
manufacturer instead they authorize the manufacturer to test the product and even apply the UL mark
on their products themselves. However, UL makes a direct contact with the manufacturer on regular
basis in order to check and ensure that they are following the correct procedures to test their products.

What Is Included In Our Package?

Eligibility Consultation
Document Preparation
Application Drafting
Government Fees

UL Certification

What Does UL Mean?

UL certify products, processes, facilities or system on the basis of industry standards. UL sets safety
standards for things like household appliances, lighting & fire doors.

Companies pay UL for testing of their products against UL’s safety standards. In case, product passes the
safety test, UL mark is assigned to that product which is considered as a sign of safety to the consumer. UL
offers 20 different certifications for a wide range of categories.

The certification is divided into 3 categories –


It is a service offered to manufacturer’s that produce products which fulfills the requirements of UL
standards as well as authorize the manufacturer’s to test the products & apply the UL mark


This service is applied to products which are used to produce another product which ensures that it is
safe to use in further production. This mark is not seen on the end product.


This service is offered to manufacturer’s that produce products which fulfills the requirements of UL
standards & continuously follow up with UL on regular basis to ensure quality & accuracy.

Who Uses UL Labels?

Life, safety and security
Health sciences
High tech
Wire & cable
Power & controls
Building materials

UL Mark On Labels

UL governs the right of the appearance of their mark and how it should be used on label. Authorized label
program is created by UL in order to ensure that UL mark is printed correctly on the label or not.
Manufacturers who want UL mark on their product labels are only allowed to buy these labels from
authorized suppliers.

UL Authorized Label Suppliers
Authorized label suppliers are the suppliers which are authorized to print the different UL marks on
products. In order to print UL marks on products, authorized label suppliers need to sign an agreement with
UL that permits the authorized supplier to print different UL marks on products.

UL has various certifications for their authorized label suppliers. For ex – PGAA certification (Authorization to print different UL marks based on the liking of customer)Underwriters Laboratories Certification (UL)

1.Entire printed label construction
2.Unprinted stocks that will receive additional printing provided by the manufacturer of the product.
3.Label material – Laminating adhesives, blank stocks & over laminations.

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