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GS Mark Certification

GS Mark Certification In India

GS stands for German safety. GS mark is a voluntary certification mark of the German government
assigned to technical equipment’s which differentiate them from other products and give them edge
over their competitors. This mark ensures that the product or technical equipment is meeting the
quality & safety standards set in the German product safety act.This mark is considered as a symbol of
safety & quality all over Germany and EU countries. If an individual doing a business in Germany and his
or her all products contain GS certification mark, customers are ready to buy these products even at a higher price as it ensures quality & safety. This mark is not only designed for German market and you
will find the same mark on the large proportion of electronic products and machinery selling throughout
the world. GS mark covers electrical, safety, use of chemical and hazardous material (if any), evaluation
of a manufacturer’s factory production, noise etc.

Many furniture retailers and consumers are increasingly demanding products that confirm that the
product is of high quality and meeting all the safety requirements. It helps you and makes your product
stand out from the crowd.

What Is Included In Our Package?

Eligibility Consultation
Document Preparation
Application Drafting
Government Fees

GS Mark Certification

Product List Containing GS Certification Mark

CD players
Air cleaners
Coffee mills & grinders
Home A/V equipment
Office/IT equipment
Lab/measurement equipment
Power tools
Range hoods
Commercial deep fryers
Office /IT equipment
Office furniture
Sports equipment’s
Household appliances

Process Of GS Certification

1.In the first step, applicant needs to submit the application form along with the required documents to
GS certification body.

2.In the second step, application form and documents are verified by the GS certification body.
Applicant needs to provide all the technical information of the product with electrical schematics, bill
of materials, product use and model description to the technical staff of the certification body along
with the sample of the product.

3.In the third step, sample of the product is tested in the manufacturer’s laboratory or at any other
inspection body of any of the laboratories of the country.

4.After checking the product, the report has been generated and if it is found that the report is meeting
all the GS requirements, GS certification mark is issued by the GS authority to the manufacturer.

Note – GS certificate will be issued for up to 5 years.

GS Certification Bodies

There are many local German certification bodies which certify the technical equipment’s and provide
them GS mark. Few of well-known German certification bodies are as follows –

VPE etc

Note - These bodies are directly recognized by the German certification agencies.

Other certification bodies which operates in other parts of Europe in association with the German GS-fat
certification bodies are as follows –

ITS etc.

You can also take the help of SS Auditors which will help you in certifying your products as we are directly
in link with GS certification bodies and agencies.

GS Certification Cost

GS Certification body includes –

1 One time license fee
2 Inspection fee
3 Factory certificate fee

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