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BEE Certification

What Is Bureau Of Energy Efficiency (BEE)?

BEE stands for bureau of energy efficiency. It was formed by the ministry of power under government of
India. In the year 2010, government makes ratings and labels mandatory on certain products which
indicate the performance of the product as well as help customers in making right choices before buying
the product. The BEE rating certificate is given by the bureau of energy efficiency which shows the BEE
compliance level of the company.

Higher BEE status level indicates stronger competitive position of a company whereas weaker
competitive position of a company has a lower level of BEE compliance.

Every company should aim to achieve the highest BEE rating annually in order to increase the market
share of its product.

Why It Is Important For Your Company To Have A BEE Certificate?

A company needs a BEE certificate in order to prove their BEE status in the market as well as to capture
the maximum share for its product. The star rating on various products like Fan, AC, refrigerator, water
heaters, pumps etc. is mandatory as it provides you information about energy consumption, capacity,
warranty etc. Star rating depends upon energy consumption. Higher the energy consumption, lower the
star rating whereas lower the energy consumption, higher the star rating of the product. It helps the
company in both regulatory & promotional activities. This certificate is valid for a year and it needs to be
renewed every year.

What Is Included In Our Package?

Eligibility Consultation
Document Preparation
Application Drafting
Government Fees

BEE Certification

Benefits Of Having BEE (Bureau Of Energy Efficiency) Certification

It helps in capturing the maximum market share for your company or product.
It helps in developing norms for energy consumption.
It helps company in regulatory & promotional activities.
BEE compliant or BEE certified products attract new customers.
It helps in increasing the sale of the company.
It helps in creating energy efficiency promotional programs as well as dev

Types Of BEE Certificate Label

There are two types of labels on the Indian products –

Comparative label – Under the comparative label, products are given a label in the form of star
rating given on a scale of 1 to 5 including BEE logo & license number on the product. Rating helps the
customer in buying the right product.

Endorsement label – Under the endorsement label, products are given a label in accordance with
their minimum performance criteria which a respective product has to achieve to become a BEE
certified product or company.

Mandatory List Of BEE Certificate

These labels should mandatorily be shown on the following products mentioned below –

Air conditioner
Frost-free refrigerator
Tabular fluorescent lamps
Distribution transformers.

Voluntary Product List

A company can apply for labels voluntarily for the products mentioned below –

Color TV
Direct cool refrigerator
Electric Geysers
Ceiling fans
LPG stoves
Induction motors
Agricultural pump sets
Washing machines
Solid state invertors
Diesel engine driven moonset
LED retrofit camps
Office equipment’s
Diesel engine driven moonset pumps for agricultural purposes
Diesel generator

Documents Required For BEE Certification

You must have following documents while applying for BEE certification –

Proof that your annual turnover is less than Rs.5 Million.
Payment proof of verification fee
Shareholding proof
Identify proof of all black shareholders
Recent CIPRO registration documents.

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