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Design Registration

Design Registration?

Every individual who wants to protect his or her design i.e. original shapes, ornaments, patterns, composition of colours & lines applied to any product must go for design registration. It is an intellectual property protection given to applicants in order to protect their newly created designs from counterfeiting

What Is Included In Our Package?

Eligibility Consultation
Document Preparation
Application Drafting
Government Fees

Design Registration

Eligibility Criteria Of Design Registration?

A design must comply with the following qualities in order to qualify for registration –
1 Design should be new, original & unique.
2 It should not be published or publically disclosed anywhere else.
3 It should not be obscene, offending, controversial or contradictory to public order.
4 It is applicable only to aesthetic characteristics and cannot include procedural or mechanical elements.

Who Can File Application For Design Registration?

The following persons can apply for design registration –
1 Proprietor or the owner of the design (including firm & corporate entity)
2 Any assigned person (either separately or jointly)
3 His agent or legal representative (In case of NRI)

Documents Required For Design Registration

Documents required for design registration are as follows –

1 Name & address of the applicant
2 Age & nationality of the applicant
3 10 prints or photographs of the design from different angles which clearly reveals the shape, size and
configuration of the design.
4 Written proof of priority (If any)
5 Name, address, designation & nationality of the signature authorities of general power of attorney.
6 Power of attorney signed by the proprietor, partner, one of the directors of the company.
7 Copy of memorandum of understanding (MOU) & articles of understanding (MOU) or copy of
partnership deed.

Validity Of Design Registration

The validity of design registration is 10 years which can be extendable for 5 years. Therefore, the total time
period is 15 years.

Why Register Your Design?

It is important to register your design because of the following reasons –

1 It is your statutory right to take control over your designs.
2 It prevents your design from producing, importing, selling or distributing identical products and save
you from any fraudulent activity.
3 The validity of the registration period is 10 years which can be extendable to 5 years more.

Can A Design Registration Be Cancelled?

1 If the design is unoriginal
2 If the similar design already exists
3 If the design is already published in India
4 If the design is already published in any other country before the registration date.
5 If it does not comply with the characteristics of design as mentioned under the design act.

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