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Provisional Patent Registration

Provisional Patent

In order to take patent registration, provisional or complete specification of a product or process is
necessary. Provisional patent means to patent your inventions before it is finalized. It is done by the
inventor to establish his or her ownership on the invention earlier by submitting the provisional
specifications of the product or process to the registrar.

As you know that our country India follows first to file system which means a person who applied for
provisional patent earlier for any invention become the owner of the patent. It also gives advantage to
the provisional owner of the patent to become the permanent owner for which he has to file documents
for the permanent patent within 12 months or else the earlier filed application for provisional patent will
become null and void.

Provisional specification must include title & description of the invention. Description of the invention
should start from the second page starting from field, background, object and statement of the
invention. It also includes potential uses of invention and their benefits over existing products. No
claims are included in provisional specification. Claims are generally included only in complete

What Is Included In Our Package?

Eligibility Consultation
Document Preparation
Application Drafting
Government Fees

Provisional Patent Registration

Advantages Of Provisional Patent

The advantages of provisional patent are as follows –

It helps patent your invention earlier before it is finalized. Patent is provided to the person who files it
first not to the person who invents it first.

Very few information is required in order to file provisional patent. It includes the title & description
of the invention. You also have to specify the potential uses of your invention and its benefits over
existing products.

It helps in analyzing the market potential of your invention before submitting the complete
specification of the product or process.

It also gives you unique competitive advantage over other businesses as competitors are not allowed
to use this patented invention in case of similar goods or services.

It can be protected globally in case you want to register the patent in other countries too.

It also gives you the right to take action or sue the other person for damages in case of patent
infringement. It provides you legal protection.

Patent registration is valid for 20 years in India from the filing date of patent application.

Provisional Patent Process

The provisional patent process is given below –

In the first step, you need to send your details to us including title and description of the invention.
Description of the invention comprises of eld, background, object, statement of invention. You also need
to specify the potential uses of the invention across industries as well as their benets over existing

In the second step, we will draft your application as per the details send by you.

After ling this application to the registrar, registrar analyzes the application and decides that whether to
accept or reject this application. If accepted, you will be able to use “patent pending” on your product any
time over the period of 12 months.

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