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Patent Search

Indian Patent Search

Patent search is searching the patent in a patent database to decide if there is any patent application
similar to an invention that is to be patent in future. The main aim of doing patent search is to improve
the chances of obtaining a patent registration or to safeguard or protect your new invention from any
previously registered patent.

What Is Included In Our Package?

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Patent Search

Importance Of Patent Search

Before filing a patent application in order to get patent registration , a patent search helps with the following objectives –

1 Deciding the probability of having a patent granted to a proposed invention.
2 Deciding the claims to be filed in the patent application
3 Deciding the freedom to operate
4 Deciding whether a granted patent can be cancelled or become null and void.
5 To know about the similar inventions done before and their status.

Indian Patent Search: How To Do A Indian Patent Search?

There is no fee or no cost involved in doing a patent search in India and you can search any patent from the
patent database of India available on website –

According to the status of a patent application, a patent search can be done under two types of publications – Published or granted. User needs to choose the desired publication type by clicking on the checkbox.

When user click on the checkbox, many categories are displayed and they are as follows –

Application date
Complete specification
Application number
Patent number
Applicant number
Applicant name
Inventor name
Inventor country
Inventor address
Filing office
PCT application number
PCT publication number

Each category has a drop down menu which the user can access to change the option. Each category has a
search box next to it in which user can enter the keyword of the patent which he wants to search or view. An
applicant can easily search precise patents by entering a query in more than one box. When you enter all the required keywords in the respective boxes, user has to clear the captcha too in order to get the final result.

Patent Information

After entering the keywords, the patent results will be displayed on screen. You can choose the patent
which you want to view and click on the same to open the document. The document opens with the
application number, application date, title & status. User will get all the details about the patent by
clicking on the application number, application date, title & status.

By patent search, user can easily find the following information about the patent –

Invention title
Publication type
Publication date
Publication number
Application filing date
Application number
Priority date
Priority number
Priority country
Field of invention
Applicant name, address, country, nationality
Inventor name, address, country, nationality

Below this, you will view the abstract and a complete specification of the patent. User can easily see the
patent applicant details by selecting any column. When user selects the application number, he can
easily view details like invention title, publication number, date, type etc.

Separate columns are selected by the user to know the inventors and the applicants name, address,
nationality and country.

Patent Status

Below this, Abstract column contains summary of the patent application which user can view anytime. Under this, complete specification gives details about the specification of the user (if anything mentioned by the user) At the end, you will get the option to view the application status. You can also view the application details by clicking on the application status.

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