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Patent Registration

Patent Registration In India

The registration of patent will assist you in receiving an intellectual property patent for a discovery undertaken by a firm or an individual. The government of India has launched IP department which give complete right for the registration of your discovery for patent, but the condition is that your invention must be unique

The inventor need to provide the entire evidence regarding his discovery as requested by the government. It also makes it sure that person who has invented the discovery receives credit for his specific invention. The Patent Rules 1972 and Patent Act 1970 administered the Patent in India.

The patent is not valid for the lifetime. If you apply for a patent recently, then after the duration of 20 years, it is invalid. Anything can be a discovery like drugs, chemicals, technical application, computer software, machine, specific equipment, procedure of manufacturing, art and method

What Is Included In Our Package?

Eligibility Consultation
Document Preparation
Application Drafting
Government Fees

Patent Registration

Patent Filing Criteria


Discovery should be handy, so that it is used in all types of industries.


If a person who is an expert in a specic eld would acknowledging the discovery to be surprising or
wonderful development on the date of invention.


The invention must be unique, this means that it has not been published anywhere in India, from the
date of application filing of patent in India.

Why You Apply For Patent Registration?

You can apply for patent registration because of the following reasons:

Block others from adopting your discovery without your acceptance.
So that you can use your discovery yourself.
Safety for a duration of twenty years in India.
Receive royalty by patent licensing.

What Is A Patent?

In India, the system of patent is administered by the Patent Rules 1972 and Patent Act 1970. Patent is a
contribution given by the patent office of India which permits the owner of the patient to continue the
ownership for a limited time period on the development and use of a discovery.

This right prohibits other people from selling, using, producing, processing, making and importing the
product in India without the consent of the owner of the patent.

Benefits Of Patent

For 20 years, patent is valid

Your discovery receives security for a specific duration which assists you to safeguard your discovery

Transfer to sell Patent Rights

Patent registration permits you to franchise, transfer or sell your patent. This will assist you in boost
more earnings.

Patent safeguard discovery

Patent is a type of intellectual property which safeguard your discovery and prohibit other from
using it without getting your acceptance.

Patent Registration Process

Registration of patent is a simple procedure to le the application for registering your discovery under the act of patent. It offers you the ownership to deploy your discovery for public. As this is a very important matter, therefore, the individual should le the application of patent seriously to avert any kind of dispute in the future related to the violation. Before ling application for patent, you need to consider some important steps.

1. Search Patent

How to classify patents? This is a typical question among the people when they wish to patent their
conception. If a patent is already there and it is based on same concept which you are thinking, then you
don’t get the patent.

2. Domicile Of Patent

A patent which is registered in India is applicable only for the India. it safeguards your discovery in only
India and does not safeguard it in other countries. It is possible that you provide some security to your
discovery in different countries also, for this you require to file a different application in every country.

3. Filing Application Of Patent
The application of patent should be filed with the concerned department before providing all the
information related to your discovery.

4. Review The Patent
The government of India has a patent office which reviews the application of your patent. It thoroughly
checks your application and if they find your discovery totally unique, then patent is granted to you by the
patent office.

5. Granted Patent
After the patent is granted, the status of your application of patent is updated on the web at the website
of the patent department. To grant a certificate of patent, the time taken is between six months to one
and half years.

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