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Copyright Objection

What Is Copyright?

Copyright is a legal right given to the creator of the original work for its use & trade. It is a form of intellectual property and an asset for the original creator of the work. Any work which is new & unique and falls under below categories are considered as original work –

1 Literary
2 Music
3 Painting
4 Drama
5 Photography
6 Poetry
7 Artistic film
8 Sound recording
9 Song

Copyright registration is very important for the owners of the work to register their work in time to protect the copyright of their original work.

What Is Included In Our Package?

Eligibility Consultation
Document Preparation
Application Drafting
Government Fees

Copyright Objection

What Is Copyright Objection?

During the process of copyright registration, there may be chances that your copyright application may meet with objections from any other party. Registrar may point out you in case objection is raised by any party at the time of copyright registration. An objection may be raised by the registrar because of the following reasons –

1 Similarities found in applications
2 Existence of similar work

The copyright objection may be raised by the registrar anytime within 30 days of the filing of the application.

Why To File Reply To Copyright Objection?

The registrar fully examines the copyright application of an applicant & if any objection arises, same is
forwarded by the registrar to the applicant immediately & request for clarifications. It is a legal obligation to
file a response to the copyright objection letter. In case, if a response is not filed, there might be chances of
application cancellation and the same is updated in copyright journal as “Rejected”. In order to avoid rejection, it is very important for you to respond to the copyright objection letter in time to obtain & sustain the legal rights of your work.

Documents Required In Support Of Copyright Objection

Documents in support of reply to the discrepancy letter are needed for Copyright objection.

How To Respond To Copyright Objection?

Copyright objection letter is a legal document and an applicant needs legal knowledge as well as drafting
skills to respond it. There is no fixed format for copyright objection letter. Therefore, in order to draft a
response, you must have enough legal knowledge or you can also take help from a legal expert.

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